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Made for IPhone IOS platform.
Total of 8 screens designed.
3 color schemes to choose.
Total time spent on design — 5 days (1 week).

We worked together with The Communication Neuroscience Laboratory at Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, on a mobile app design that intends to promote physical activity for women in United States. Main idea in design required to convey the following: Clean design, Professional, Simple yet Delightful, Trustworthy and Helpful. App is made for users' daily engagement however it shouldn't feel like "work". Consider designs that allow the user to gracefully and/or delightfully interact with the app.

Personal finance app

Made for Ipad IOS platform.
Consists of 12 screens.
Total time spent on design — 12 days (2 weeks).

Ipad app design that assists users with tracking, projecting and managing personal finances. Our work was inspired by the old days when people would use a leather bound ledger to track finances/accounts. Our client was from Canada.

of North Texas

Design was made for IPhone IOS platform.
Consists of 18 screens.
Total design time — 12 days (2 weeks).

Together with Dublabs we worked on app for students of University of North Texas. This app will help students to navigate between classes, make easy transfers and know the schedule. Here the most challenging part was to create interactions between screens and at the same time make them easy to understand and use.


Made for IPhone IOS platform.
Total of 8 screens designed.
Total time spent on design – 5 days (1 week).

This app represents enterprise platform used for HR departments to track employee skills
on a regular basis while using gamification principles for making an otherwise boring function a little more fun and engaging. Main idea was to make it interesting and entertaining for employees and at the same time informative for HR department.

CW Delivery

Made for Android platform.
Total of 5 screens designed.
3 color schemes to choose from.
Total time spent on design — 5 days (1week).

This application design was made for Delivery Company from Brazil. It's special tool to monitor delivery status reported by drivers. Our priority was to make it as clean as possible and allow the driver to use and easily understand the app at night while in bed.

Creativy Crafty

Made for IPad IOS platform.
Total of 3 screens designed to test.
Unique set of icons and features.
Total time spent on design — 11 days (2 weeks).
Garden environment app for kids, with crafty look. Users can water flowers and watch them grow. Users can add their own elements to it as well - add their own flowers, butterflies, snails and etc. This app helps kids to be creative and learn how to take care about environment.

Christopher Designs

Responsive Design with resolutions 320, 480, 768, 1024, 1280, 1600 and 1820.
2 different design versions.
Total website pages — 18.
Total time spent on design — 24 days (4 weeks).

Our latest project is a company website complete redesign. Here we used latest trends in design. Idea was to create clean professional luxury look to represent great jewelry maker company. On this project we worked together with Miami branding agency Glo Creative.
How We Work
We work hand to hand with our clients at every step of the way.Invision platform helps us to keep everything transparent, get quick feedback from you, test final design prototypes with key audience and be more efficient overall. Finally we all stay happy.

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